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"You've made this one of the best experiences and events we've had with the group in a very VERY long time."
-- Chris Lopez [The Rise NYC Coordinator]

"We’re glad to have teamed up with Racery, and are excited to see the new features being added all the time, such as the ability to upload photos, and Google Street Views® on the virtual routes where available. Thanks for making our virtual runs in celebration of the Acadia Centennial such a success!"
-- Dolores [Acadia On My Mind]

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"Incredibly responsive to racer's needs"
-- Shayrn King [PoweredToMove]

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"It was very encouraging to see the employees get together to take lunch walks around the facility each day and hear employees talking in the break room about their exercises that week."
-- Deanna Frederick, General Manager [Menasha Packaging Western Campus]

"This challenge makes it fun."
-- [Duke University School of Nursing]

"Thank you for having this program!! The excitement and chatter and increase in activity of all staff is sooooo great to see!"
-- Vanessa Sherrer [Greenwich Elementary School]

“Takes engagement in employee wellness programs to a whole new level”
-- Jay Groves, Executive Director [Population Health Management, Fitness & Wellness Professional Services]

“Racery serves as an amazing (and judgement-free) daily reminder to be active.”
-- Steph Bryant [Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less]

“Racery is one of a kind. Their ability to respond in a timely fashion and collaborate on detailed customization for our race was unparalleled. We had a big goal on a short timeline and their hard work, creativity and dedication made it possible.”
-- Kait Hemphill, Wellness Education Coordinator [Barton Health]

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"I felt a lot of excitement and positivity. I was so excited for all those runners, and almost all of them actually logged some miles."
-- Emily Buehler [ Weaver Street Market]

“The buzz it brings is brilliant -- Everything has our name on it, the map, the e-mails, the monthly mileage leaderboards. A couple of people have said ‘I’ve never run this much in my life"
-- Peter Ripmaster [Black Mountain Running Co.]

“The race is awesome. Everyone is loving it. Everyone loves how they could keep track of miles and see where each other were at on the map.”
-- Jen Smith [Lanco Fieldhouse]

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